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What is MFloorball?

MFloorball is online floorbal manager. As a manager, you take over the floorball club. Your goal is to build a strong and stable team. You have to get from the lowest competitions to the highest. If you succeed, you will play for international cups where you can confront the best teams.

Game options

To accomplish this task, you'll need to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the game:

  • set up a lineup and match tactics correctly,
  • find your opponent's weaknesses,
  • improve players' skills by training,
  • buy coaches and other employees,
  • sell unwanted players and buy new players,
  • improve the hall with accessories,
  • improve the club's economy.

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LineUp - a place where you can set up a game for the game in five, penalty and power play. You can also set the time spent on the pitch for a current lineup, game style or penalties.

My players

My players - a place where you can find all your players.

Player detail

Player detail - a place where you can find player's skills.

Live match

Live match - you can control your team during the match.