Terms of use

In order for MFloorball to comply with European legislation on data processing and personality protection, you must accept our Terms of Use before you can login to your account and team.

MFloorball is completely free. We only insist on following a few simple rules of conduct. If you ever encounter someone who violates them, please report it through the form in the game. The developers of MFloorball are constantly trying to improve the game. New features can be added at any time, major changes affecting the game are usually presented between seasons.

Generally, servers run on a continuous basis, with short-term downtime for repairs and upgrades. We always try to inform you of outages in advance, but in exceptional situations it may happen that we need to shut down the servers without previous notification. Occasionally unexpected events occur, typically different types of errors. If you get something that looks unusual, let's know about it through the form in the game and we'll look at it. If any matches are affected by errors, they can be played again.

1. Registration

When registering, please write your real name and email address. Honoring Fair Play is very important to us and MFloorbal. GameMasters spends a lot of time preventing cheating.
If you are not yet 18, you may need parental consent to play if the laws of your country require it.

2. Rules

You may only have one account registered. You must not cheat or try to hack into MFloorball or a foreign user account. Do not forget the rules of good manners, please be honest. Do not send spam to other players. And always respect the copyrights of others.

3. Violation of rules

If you do not follow these rules, you may lose the team or we can forbid you to access the game. Your team will also be removed if you do not log in for seven weeks.

4. Game

We try to manage the game as best we can, but we can not guarantee that it will always work properly and that data will not be lost.

5. Privacy

By providing us with information, you consent to their use. However, we take care of your privacy and respect the privacy rules applicable in the European Union.
We will never misuse your email to send spam or give access to your personal information to a third party which is not associated with MFloorbal.
From time to time, we can send you an email with news or other content related to the game - for example, a forgotten password.
We use cookies on our site.
You can read the original text of the privacy statement in English here.

6. Content agreement

You warrant that you own the rights to the content you upload. So you can not steal someone else's pictures without his permission. You also agree that we may use this material on the Mfloorball site without paying you any royalties or similar things. You warrant to us that it does not contain any racist, pornographic or similar material that might offend anyone.

7. MFloorball

If you want to use anything that belongs to MFloorball, you must first get our permission. We may make changes to the Terms of Use or the Privacy Statement. In that case, we would inform you on the game pages.